gene PH01169704G0010
Feature Overview
Species moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) Feature type gene
Genomic location PH01169704:117 - 674(+ stand)   Name
Alternate name Locus tag PH01169704G0010
Length of gene 558  bp Length of CDS 471  bp
Product information
Feature type
Product name
CCT/B-box zinc finger protein
Alternate name
Molecular weight
16417.4331199999  kDa
Isoeletric point
156  aa
Expression profiles
Expression status (Yes/No)
Heterozygous SNPs
As a diploid organism, heterozygous SNPs indicate different nucleotides at two bi-allelic loci on the same chromosome.
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SNP ID Position Base in Scaffold Polymorphism
Ortholog Groups (determined by OrthoMCL algorithm)
Group ID from orthomcl DB Counts Members of moso bamboo in this ortholog group
OG5_144994 6
Please click OG5_144994 (Group ID from orthoMCL DB) to find more information of orthologs in other species in this ortholog group, which represented species-specific gene expansion families in most of eukaryotic species.
Comparative genomics
Best arabidopsis hit
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Gene ID Short description Curator summary Computational description E-value
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Gene ID Product description E-value
Function (determined by interpro in EMBL-EBI)
Protein family membership

None predicted.

Domains and repeats
  1. Domain
1 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 156
Detailed signature matches
    1. PS51017 (CCT)
    2. PF06203 (CCT)