IMPORTANT: Bamboo genome will be updated recently.

BambooGDB, a bamboo genome database with comprehensive functional annotation and extensible analysis platform. The de novo sequenced genome data by Bamboo Genome Project, full-length cDNA and RNA-seq data for moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis, once-used Latin name was Phyllostachys heterocycla) together composed the main contents of this database. Based on these sequence data, a comprehensive function annotation for bamboo genome was made. Besides, an analytical platform providing visualization of genomic data, protein-protein interactions network, pathway analysis and comparative genomic analysis was also constructed. Moreover, diverse and powerful search tools and a convenient browser were incorporated to facilitate the navigation of these data.

BambooGDB is developed with the following features briefly:

  • Providing genome sequence of moso bamboo with comprehensive functional annotations under multi-levels (such as gene, protein function and protein structure);
  • Presenting comparative analyses between bamboo and its relative plants by OrthoMCL algorithm and BLAST;
  • Integrating and exhibiting multi-level results from published studies on moso bamboo such as expression data and microRNA data;
  • Data visualization, including genomic data, heterozygous SNPs, RNA-Seq data and full length-cDNA data using GBrowse (version 2);
  • Other tools composed of retrieve sequences, protein-protein interaction and pathway analysis are available for user.

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The moso bamboo genome has been published online in nature genetics on 17 February 2013

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